Syngenta Zeraim Gedera Daehnfeldt
Panekra F1 New!
 Dear costumers we present you the most crucial and most beautiful fruit 
• Early hybrid for spring farming
in greenhouses
• matures 58-60 days after transplanting
• Moderate Vigor strong root system
• Fruits slightly flattened,
with prominent ribs, the cut has
more than seven chambers (Loculi)
• Dark red color and good taste
• Beef type with very large
fruits 280-300 g, and the first branch up
to 450 g
• Fruits are resistant to cracking
• Very prolific hybrid resistant
temperature differences and nematodes
 (HR) = H: AE / Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) / For / ToMV 0-2 / V
(IR): М
There is some pictures of it: