Syngenta Zeraim Gedera Daehnfeldt

Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1

Short type of cucumber for early production

New parthenoarpy type of short cucumber
Plants with strong growth
The fruits are dark green, cylinder shaped with poorly expressed warts
The length of the fruit ranges from 18-20 cm
Excellent creating fruit at low temperatures
Recommended for first spring tours and production in greenhouses
High resistant ashtrays

Nevada F1

Nevada F1

This hybrid features and recommended for early spring production,
in terms of short-day and low light for green houses

Hybrid that is suitable for cultivated soil and the plant hydroponic

It is high vigor and generative hybrid cucumber which is great
in terms of short day and low amount of light

The fruits are dark green, without typical “necked” with
a length of around 35-40 cm and weighing about 200-300 grams

Vigorex F1

Hybrid for early spring and summer production

Female parthenocarpy hybrid

Hybrid which proved to be quite excellent for summer production

Hybrid with very lush growth that is resistant ashtrays and
also tolerant of stressful conditions

The fruits are dark green, with a length of 30-35 cm with a
slightly ribbed bark and fruit weight of 200-250 grams

Recommendation for planting is from 1.5 to 1.8 plants per square meter