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Bostina F1

Bostina F1

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Picture from the field 2014

Panekra F1 New!

 Dear costumers we present you the most crucial and most beautiful fruit 
• Early hybrid for spring farming
in greenhouses
• matures 58-60 days after transplanting
• Moderate Vigor strong root system
• Fruits slightly flattened,
with prominent ribs, the cut has
more than seven chambers (Loculi)
• Dark red color and good taste
• Beef type with very large
fruits 280-300 g, and the first branch up
to 450 g
• Fruits are resistant to cracking
• Very prolific hybrid resistant
temperature differences and nematodes
 (HR) = H: AE / Fol: 0-1 (US1-2) / For / ToMV 0-2 / V
(IR): М
There is some pictures of it:

Jetodor F1

Dear costumers we present you the earliest cabbage on the market

• Vegetation 50 days
(3-5 days earlier than Kevin)
• For production in tunnels
• Good growth, plants equalized,
slightly lighter in color than Kevin
•  can be harvested early
once reached 0,75 kg
• Average weight is 
1,0-1,5 kg
• Medium resistance to cracking
• Recommended distance 40h40 cm

Grownet F1 Нова!

Grownet F1Dear customers we present a new hybrid very early for protected areas with and without heating
• Very early determinant hybrid
(Earlier than Minaret)
• Designed for production in greenhousesand tunnels
• Easy to grow
• generative type of tomato fruit 4-6
flower branch
• Fruits are weighing 200-230g
• With excellent red color
• The fruits are with excellent taste


Short type of cucumber Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1

Epsilon F1 hybrid which is a short type of cucumber proved to be the best
of all ever present hybrids on the market. With its plentiful fruit quality
will take an important place in the production of short cucumber.
It is parthenocarpy type of cucumber with a length of 18-20 cm fruit with
a specific shade of green color and poorly expressed warts. It proved to be
a great for spring production and set fruit at lower temperatures.
Medium-proof of ashtrays. In addition we show you some photos from the field.

Epsilon F1Epsilon F1Epsilon F1

New Hybrids of Tomatoes

Panekra F1

Dear customers:

Briefly will present two new hybrids of tomatoes from our company
Bostina F1 and Panekra F1.

It’s about two new and outstanding hybrids that reach high yields
with excellent form of fruit, intense red color without green rings.

Now they can see in the two images that you attached and will further
inform you about their features and also will set down additional
photos so you can fully check the significant features of their fruits.

Bostina F1Panekra F1

New determinant hybrid 99258


Dear customers:

We inform you that just completed tests of new variety.

In those where farmers had test plants set, the variety was grown under code 99258,

and farmers themselves could close see and learn about the extra weight and

quality of the fruit of new hybrid.

In addition to the picture you can see the format of the fruit and also look

at the weight scale for three flowering branches that was set.

With detailed information on hybrid will be introduced soon.


Paronset F1


Dear customers:

We inform you just arrived from tomato seed variety Paronset F1.
Orders are underway.

For those who do not known this hybrid, the same characteristics can
read your departure in Gardening on our website.

We wish you a successful season.

(Macedonian) Пристигна семето од Spacestar

Harvesting tomatto plants

Just like last year and this year we have harvesting of tomatto plants of two most beautiful variety Minaret and Ballet.