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About us

Welcome to the web site of HOLMA

The company Holma from Strumica was founded in 1992 as a company wich is  the general agent and distributor of

Netherland company Syngenta. Since that time the firm Holma develop as strong and leading company in Republic of Macedonia.

With professionalism and commitment to work for a short period became one of the leading and most successful companies

in the sector of agriculture for vegetable crops.

Since the establishment Holma begins by exploring assortments of

vegetables in order to find the best varieties to suit the soil and climate conditions in the territory of Macedonia.

Common form the majority of assortments of garden cultures and practically further

raise the ratings on the company, showing focus of the firm to develop assortments.

Focus of the firm to develop assortments or finding new varieties or hybrids that will be leading the

Macedonian market continues. From that year until today introduced many hybrid varieties of virtually all cultures.

Holma company has cooperation with many producers, collection centers and processing facilities for vegetables.

Requirements of foreign markets through direct purchase centers has influenced the choice of assortments.

The professional approach of the company’s employees to the overall issue of professional vegetable production,

makes the company strong to fully meet the overall difficulties that arise during the production.

Holma Company wishes you a successful season